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Author: Gianpiero Pescarmona
Date: 19/03/2009


Mind42 per ordinare i files

(09:07:19) ferz: which is the default theme for gnome 2.22?
(09:08:04) ferz: I'm looking at
and following pages but I don't find it.
(09:15:54) danielb [/~daniel@] รจ entrato nella stanza.
(09:41:34) andreasn: ferz, clearlooks
(09:41:49) ferz: andreasn: thank you
(09:41:49) andreasn: oh, you mean icon them
(09:41:54) ferz: yes,
(09:42:02) andreasn: gnome-icon-theme
(09:42:08) ferz: ok
((09:43:21) ferz: "Gnome 2.18 icon theme" then
(09:46:05) andreasn: hm, that is probably a older version
(09:46:12) andreasn: isn't it included in your distro?
(09:49:27) ferz: andreasn: I want to contact author
(09:50:11) andreasn: that's a bunch of us
(09:50:11) andreasn: jimmac and dobey are the maintainers
(09:50:12) andreasn: the icons are done by jimmac, lapo, myself,
kallepersson, garrett, tigert etc.
(09:51:07) andreasn: you can send a message to gnome-themes mailing list
if it's something general, most people is on that list
(09:51:41) ferz: andreasn: I'm asking authorization to use some of that
theme icon for my web application
(09:52:02) ferz: it's an e-learning project
(09:52:04) andreasn: what license does the web app have?
(09:53:26) ferz: you can look at licenses at
(09:53:43) ferz: it's not finished yet.
(09:53:59) kallepersson: ferz: I think what andreas means: is it GPL?
(09:54:01) ferz: I'm working on it since a couple of years
(09:54:40) ferz: kallepersson: it's a web service,
(09:55:07) kallepersson: well, if it ain't GPL you can't use
gnome-icon-theme icons in it.
(09:55:23) ferz: kallepersson: ok, I'll look for some other icons
(09:55:27) kallepersson: But I'd consider looking at Tango-icon-theme if
I were you
(09:55:38) ferz: kallepersson: ok, thank you
(09:55:38) kallepersson: They have the same style but are relased under
public domain
(09:55:58) kallepersson: so you can use them no matter the license of
your project
(09:56:29) kallepersson: ferz:
(09:56:30) kallepersson: Just make sure you use the icons for the right
(09:56:34) kallepersson: so you don't confuse people.
(09:56:49) ferz: kallepersson: I'll use emblems
(09:57:14) kallepersson: Since they are already used in various apps and
desktops, their metaphor is already set for a lot of people
(09:57:27) ferz: Users will assign to emblems the meaning they want for
their own project
(09:58:37) ferz: Anyway, I'm a gnome users since many years, and I thank
you for your work and fantastic artworks

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