Ludovica consulenze

Author: Gianpiero Pescarmona
Date: 09/12/2019


Vitamin K

there are different forms of Vitamin K. The K1 is the usual one

Coenzyme Q10 in humans is used in the mitochondria to consume oxygen and produce energy. The left side of the molecules is very similar.

Vitamin K1 is used by aerobic bacteria in the intestine to consume oxygen and to produce energy.

that means that there is a competition between man and his intestinal bacteria for oxygen.

How a man can protect its own oxygen from the Vitamin K-bacteria?

Increasing blood clotting and closing vessels to avoid spreading of bacteria in the blood.


The more the aerobic bacteria, the more the Vitamin K, the more the clotting.

Too many aerobes in the gut too much clotting--> Thrombosis, heart infarction, ictus

Too few aerobes in the gut too few clotting --> Bleeding

The number of aerobic bacteria depends on the diet, the use of antibiotics not only for medical uses but also for growing chicken, pigs and for food conservation.

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