Bronchial Tree

Author: Gianpiero Pescarmona
Date: 26/04/2009


A bronchus is a pipe of airway in the respiratory tract that conducts air into the lungs.

Functions of respiratory tree

Mechanics Of Breathing And Lung Disorders

Alveolar pressure

Regulation and Functional Significance of Airway Surface Liquid pH 2001

Bronchial response to external stimuli

  • allergen, dusts
  • tobacco smoke
  • cold or warm air, perfume, pet dander
  • moist air
  • exercise or exertion
  • emotional stress.

The responses include

Embriogenesis of Bronchial Tree

Lung is an excretory organ and alveoli are like glomeruli and bronchi like tubules?

Amniotic Fluid: Not Just Fetal Urine Anymore 2005

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