Tubulin Filaments
A. Cell

Author: Gianpiero Pescarmona
Date: 14/06/2011



2011-06-15T19:54:30 - Giulia Siravegna

During mitosis, the DNA of a cell is replicated and then divided into two new cells. The process of separating the newly replicated chromosomes into the two forming cells involves spindle fibers. These fibers are constructed with microtubules. The microtubules that makeup spindle fibers are formed by long chains of smaller subunits of proteins called tubulins. These spindle microtubules attach to the replicated chromosomes and pull one copy to each side of the dividing cell. Without functional spindle fibers or spindles, the cell cannot divide and will eventually die. So, the spindle inhibitor drugs function in a cell-cycle dependent manner [Jordan MA, Wilson L., Microtubules as a target for anticancer drugs; Nat Rev Cancer. 2004.],[Islam MN, Iskander MN,. Microtubulin binding sites as target for developing anticancer agents; Mini Rev Med Chem. 2004].

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