Pidotimod: a safe Italian Immunomodulant

Author: Guido Emanuele Galasso
Date: 29/11/2011


Pidotimod is a safe immunomodulant synthetised in Italy.

Pidotimod is structurally similar to Piracetam: the chemical structure shows a Sulfus ring attached to Piracetam, for that I think maybe it has been synthetised from Piracetam molecule.

Pidotimod has an activity on innate and on adaptive immune responses.

It favours some IL-2 effects and has a Macropahge pro-chemotaxis activity.

Pidotimod can be useful in Cell-mediated immunodeficit. It helps to activate T cytotoxic lymphocytes.

Pidotimod is today avalaible in the Italian market thank to me: in 2002-2003 I described how Pidotimod can be useful in respiratory and urinary children infections and against cancer. And maybe Italian Health Ministery promoted its re-commercialization (it was forgotten because it is too expensive and not "so active").
The Italian researchers who discovered Pidotimod was belonging to Poli pharmaceuticals. Unfortunately, Poli failed (Economic Failure) and for that reason Pidotimod production was discontinued.

Pidotimod improves the activity of T cytotoxic Lymphocytes and of Macrophages who are so important in killing of local bacteria.

I think Pidotimod can exhibits a balanced immunostimolant activity, I mean it probably does not elevate the risk for autoimmune reactions, maybe for some actions on Endocannabinoid Receptor. CB-2 are the endoCannabinoid Receptor 2. CB-2 agonists have physiologic immunosuppressive effects: they are studied in SLA etc.
Pidotimod enhance cellular immune response and not umoral (antibodies) response. For that it probably does not increase autoimmune risk.

I have no time enough to spend to know the "Pidotimod discovery story", but I think it was discovered in a way similar to sildenafil discover: during research for cardioprotector agents, sildenafil shown a priapistic effect, whereas in Italy during neuroprotective research (for cytoprotection of ischemic neurons) I think it was discoverd Pidotimod from a derivative of Piracetam (Pidotimod from: "PIDO"lico linfociti "T" "I"mmuno "MOD"ulante).

A graceful action of Pidotimod can be expressed in HIV positive patients: maybe can Pidotimod prevent some neoplasias in these patients, like Kaposi sarcoma and Central Nervous System multiple primitive Lymphomas?

Pidotimod likely can be much helpful to avoid surgery in recurrent tonsillites and adenoidites. Pidotimod per os 400 mg two times daily plus Proteinated Silver (galenic preparation in Italy called "Protargolo") as "topic impact" can be helpful in diminish tonsil volume and so not to have to undergo tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy.

I do not know if beneficial or detrimental, but I think perhaps it can be interesting to try pidotimod in some immunodeficits, for example:
- splenectomized patients (surgical splenectomy or functional splenectomy as in falcemia)
- isolated IgA deficit
- LAD 1 and LAD 2
- MPO deficit: it involves clinically only diabetic patients
- deficit in neutrophil granules (autosomic recessive)
- Chediak Higashi syndrome
- Chronic Granulomatous Disease (70% X-linked, 30% AR)
- Fagocytic Activation Deficit: X-linked (NEMO) or AR (IRAK4)
- some Complement factor defict (in particular, if predisposing to meningitis)

Moreover, pidotimod can probably and reasonably be much useful in immunotherapy of some cancer: for example the immunotherapy is exploited in melanoma treating, together with chemiotherapy.

Guido Emanuele Galasso MD

2011-11-29T09:34:41 - Guido Emanuele Galasso

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