Oxygen Saturation (SaO2)
Oxygen transport

Author: Gianpiero Pescarmona
Date: 28/06/2015



Three-way plots of relationships between haematinic indices and SaO2.

Three-way plots of relationships between SaO2 (y axis), ferritin/iron (x axis), and haematinic index (z axis). The most hypoxaemic patients are at the bottom of each graph, and patients with the lowest ferritin/iron levels to the left. The z axis effectively provides a 3 dimensional plot in which contours range from blue (lowest value of modelled haematinic variable) to red (highest values).

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Arterial Oxygen Content Is Precisely Maintained by Graded Erythrocytotic Responses in Settings of High/Normal Serum Iron Levels, and Predicts Exercise Capacity: An Observational Study of Hypoxaemic Patients with Pulmonary Arteriovenous Malformations, 2014

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