Bioinformatics private

Author: daniele viarisio
Date: 02/11/2008


DNA microarrays have enabled biology researchers to conduct large scale quantitative experiments. This capacity has produced qualitative changes in the breadth of hypotheses that can be explored. Directed at the genome sequence itself, microarrays have been used to identify novel genes, binding sites of transcription factors, changes in DNA copy number, and variations from a baseline sequence, such as in emerging strains of pathogens or complex mutations in disease-causing human genes.
In the following links it is possible to know the different types of microarrays tool that have been developed in the last 25 years, whit their advantages and disadvantages. As it will possible to see today this technique offers the possibility to scan a high number of gene with a very little invasiveness and a low cost.

DNA microarrays in medical practice

DNA microarray in biology

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