RSS feed to save and update a search in PubMed
Research strategies

Author: Elena Giglia
Date: 17/06/2007


You can create a PubMed search as an RSS feed (you need a RSS reader on your PC).
To retrieve new items for your PubMed search since the last time you were connected to your RSS reader:
1. Set a research strategy in the PubMed search box and click GO to run the search.
2. When you get the result list, click on SEND TO (on the right, up) and choose RSS FEED from the menu.
3. Edit the name of the feed and limit the number of items to be displayed, click CREATE FEED
4. An orange "XML" icon appears: click on the XML icon to display the XML (it generates a new URL in your browser)
5. Copy and paste this URL into the subscribe form in your RSS reader.
6. Each time you connect to your RSS reader, PUBMed updates your search and displays the new items.
Here is one of the lists of some RRS reader that you can freely download.

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