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Author: monica mangioni
Date: 23/01/2008


Il Web 2.0 nell'educazione medico-scientifica. Il Flipper e la Nuvola: un esempio applicativo nel campo della Biochimica Clinica.

What Is Web 2.0 by Tim O'Reilly

How Web 2.0 is changing medicine

Ask Dr Wiki

google health

Google Scholar



Ganfyd is a free medical knowledge base that anyone can read but only registred medical practioners may edit.



Blog: abbreviation of weblog, a simple web page of opinion, information or personal diary with links called posts arranged chronologically, with the most recent first.

To set up your own blog: blogger
Once you find a relevant quality blog, you can use its blogrolls (lists of recommended sites) to find other relevant blogs.
Blogs may be tracked with RSS (Rrally Simple Syndication).
RSS: a service that allows users to be automatically notified of new content on a website of interest.
Searchers can use RSS to be alerted to relevant news headlines, blog posting, podcast from radio, tables of contents of published eletronic journals and updates on results from a previus search on PubMed.

The so-called blogsphere is now doubling in size every 6 months, with more than 50 million blogs currently online.

clinical cases and images

google Scholar blog

David Rothman

Scienceroll il blog di Bertalan Mesko

Web 2.0 and Medicine




Wiki: a set of web pages that can be easily edited by anyone who is allowed access.

Wikies are freely accesible, incremental, observable and organic.
A recent comparison of wikipedia and the online Encyclopaedia Britannica showed the accuracy to be very similar.

Flu, Diseases, Infections Information

wiki Surgery


Ganfyd is a free medical knowledge base that anyone can read but only registred medical practioners may edit.

only accessible by those who can prove thair medical credentials.

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permettere una migliore compre attraverso la conoscenza delle basi molecolari.




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