O. Side Effects and Discontinuation Syndrome

Author: Gianpiero Pescarmona
Date: 22/03/2014


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RxISK (by David Healy, MD)

RxISK a free, independent drug safety website


Since its official launch in October 2012, RxISK has had numerous requests for advice. Many people want to learn whether their symptoms are prescription- or withdrawal-related and to find solutions. Some have even offered to fly across the globe for a consultation.

To address this need, we have created the RxISK eCLINIC, a fee-based online consultation service with our physicians, supported by RxISK data and analysis, that will offer three distinct services:

  • Risk Mitigation Clinic
  • Drug Discontinuation Clinic
  • Medication Optimization Clinic

Click here to learn more about the RxISK eCLINIC.

March 2014

I am also pleased to announce that we have posted a final version of the RxISK Guide to Stopping Antidepressants. Thanks to all for your feedback on the guide and please continue to provide input for the next edition.

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