This web application is a discussion tool between teachers and students at Medicine and Chirurgy department at the Turin University, but its structure can be usefull for Continuum Interactive Training.

It includes capability for credits assignment for tasks executed from students

Some features:
  • Content browsing by MeSH
  • async file upload
  • credits accounting
  • multilanguage ready interface
  • Textile input format
  • pervasive linking
  • full CSS2 stylable tableless interface
  • every page has its template
  • templates are already organized in cascading
  • data designed for object relational and normalized database
  • based on smart and light web application framework
  • MeSH2007 selector for input
  • search via Google (waiting indexing)
  • RSS feed (alerting)
  • finalize account/role management
  • DRG integration
  • ATC active principles
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