Bisphosphonates Determination

Author: Alessandro Mussa
Date: 17/07/2007



The bisphosphonates, for their property, are used to inhibit bone resorption. For this reason it is important to support clinical research into bisphosphonates treatment [1] .For clinical purposes it's preferable determinate bisphosphonates in biological samples of human origin with non-radiolabelling methods. This has been a considerable problem in bisphosphonate analysis for several decades. Because nature of bisphosphonates (Table I) there are several analytical difficulties to conduct a non-radiolabelled analysys, i.e. :

1 Bisphosphonates are strongly polar and ionic so it's difficult the extraction with organic solvent;

2 The capacity of complexation with metal ions and other cations of bone matrix which can hamper the analysis;

3 Bisphosphonates are not volatile;

4 The chemical simplicity of especially the older generations of bisphosphonates is not accompanied by any property suitable for sensitive detection in solution.


Rolf W. Sparidans and Jan den Hartigh Chromatographic analysis of bisphosphonates; Pharm World Sci 1999;21(1): 1-10.
© 1999 Kluwer Academic Publishers. Printed in the Netherlands.

The current procedures for the human biological quantitative determination of bisphosphonates are:

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