Multiple Sclerosis and Coenzyme Q
Multiple Sclerosis

Author: Gianpiero Pescarmona
Date: 04/06/2018


Isoprenoid biosynthesis in multiple sclerosis. 1985

  • Abstract
    Recently discovered metabolites in urine have suggested a defect of isoprenoid metabolism in multiple sclerosis. Lymphocyte HMG-CoA reductase was found unaffected however, and so was lymphocyte biosynthesis of geraniol, farnesol and squalene from mevalonolactone. The level of dolichol in white matter of an MS brain was similar to that of a control sample. Serum ubiquinone, on the other hand, was decreased in multiple sclerosis. Ubiquinone in serum was both age-dependent and related to serum cholesterol. Active as well as stable MS displayed a decreased level of serum ubiquinone, and a reduced ubiquinone-cholesterol ratio. These results are compatible with a deficient ubiquinone biosynthesis in multiple sclerosis.
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