Free Fatty Acids
Lipids Signaling

Author: Gianpiero Pescarmona
Date: 08/02/2021



SCFA (short chain fatty acids) are fatty acids with fewer than six carbon atoms. Derived from intestinal microbial fermentation of indigestible foods, SCFAs are the main energy source of colonocytes, making them crucial to gastrointestinal health



Candida Albicans Gastrointestinal Colonization and Dissemination, 2016, Patent

1) a novel mechanism by which SCFAs activate gut immune defenses to maintain CA colonization resistance;

Impact of the microbial derived short chain fatty acid propionate on host susceptibility to bacterial and fungal infections in vivo. 2016

Here we show that propionate, one of the main SCFAs, dampens the response of innate immune cells to microbial stimulation, inhibiting cytokine and NO production by mouse or human monocytes/macrophages, splenocytes, whole blood and, less efficiently, dendritic cells.

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