Information Architecture

Author: Gianpiero Pescarmona
Date: 01/09/2009


Information architecture
The Information Architecture Institute

What is going on in IA

Luca Rosati: Information architecture for ubiquitous ecologies: Introduction

Resmini, A. and L. Rosati. 2009. Information architecture for ubiquitous ecologies.full text

Architettura dell’informazione pervasiva.


Houses Without Architects, Info Without Information Architects

Architecture Without Architects is a book by Bernard Rudofsky originally published in 1964. It provides a demonstration of the artistic, functional, and cultural richness of vernacular architecture.

Vernacular Information? we have to learn from?

The granddaddy of all books about hand-built homes is the legendary Architecture Without Architects. Forty years in print, it continues to inspire architects, despite its title. Savor it slowly as a black and white poem on what a house might be if you had two thousand years to refine it. These shelters have visible souls. They honor your hands and mind. I consider this small book to hold essential wisdom that no high-schooler should graduate without encountering. (ref)

Text at GoogleBooks

Different buildings performing the same function

Some pictures out of the book

The deep message (and universal) of this book is that men build buildings with the raw materials they have locally.

Which is the raw material of the information today available to different groups of people?

Even if different groups have the same targets the final result depends on the type of information they get


Which is the raw material available to the cells to build up themselves?

Different proteins performing the same function

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