Author: Gabriele Grosso
Date: 15/01/2014



Bueberries (Vaccinum Myrtillus) are perennial flowering plants with indigo-colored berries with a diameter that span from 5 to 16mm and they can be sold fresh or processed.
They may be cultivated or harvested from wild bushes. Significant zones of production are the middle-east area of the United States and Canada.

Nutritional values

In the following table are reported some of the nutritional values for 100g of raw blueberries:

vitamin C9.7mg
vitamin K19.3ug
Calcium6 mg (1%)
Iron0.28 mg(2%)
Magnesium6 mg (2%)
Phosphorus12 mg (2%)
Potassium77 mg (2%)
Source: USDA Nutrient Database

Blueberry or blueberries juice is not widely used as other tipes of fruit like lemons or oranges but it has interesting uses in medicine.

Antioxidant Properties

Blueberries contains an high amount of Anthocyanin that are the pigments found in various fruit as well as powerfull antioxidant molecules of the family of flavonoids.

The action mechanism is this: An electron rich compound or molecule gives one or more of its spare electrons to another, called free radical,that can accept them neutralizing its electrical charges that are noxious to cell life.

Free radicals are normally produced by the cells and introduced by the normal diet.
There are several enzimes that can process free radical into non-harming forms in particular is extremely important the processing of Oxigen Reactive Species (ROS)

Superoxide dismutase (SOD)->

2O2 + 2H +=O2 + H2O2

Catalase -> 2H2O2 =O2+2H2O

This classes of enzymes can safely process the free radicals in a normal state of health but in case of deficit the situation can degerate rapidly;this is why antioxidant may be assumed regularly to avoid and prevent worsening of situations like protracted emotioal stress or a non-reguar diet that can bring cell to prolonged oxidative stress wich in the worse of the cases can lead to cancer.
Recent Studies in fact demonstrates that blueberry juice is effective in preventing Hig Fat Meal postprandial stress if ingested during the meal.
ROS are believed to play a substantial role in myocardial injury.
The mechanism of ROS production in myocardiocites depends on the dropping of ATP level and the consequential Ca2+ overload.

Results appear that not only blueberry helps in preventing heart attack but also helps to attenuate the damage after an attack(simulated by ligature of choronaric artery in the esperiment) not only in the way of function but also in cell density in order of more than 30%
of improval.

Cancer prevention

It has been found that blueberries can significally decrease risk of estrogen modulated breast cancer and have significative therapeutic activity aganist it.
Moreover blueberry phytochemicals are known to modulate cancer breast cancer growth by acting on the Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase Pathway where PKC and ERK were not affected.

Studies performed on human cancer cells in vitro demonstrates the inhibition of cellular growth
and apoptosys if put in contact with blueberry extracts.
The cells in question were not only of breast cancer but also oral prostate and colon.
Further trials will be made with in vivo cells.

Anti aging properties

Dementia is the most common sign of aging,it consist in a severe loss of memory either spatial and declarative memory.
If the condition worsen behaviour problems can occur such as restlessness and disorganization that can outburst in uncontrolled anger or tears ,the catastrophic reaction,if the patient realize the impossibility of doing the most elementary things.
It has been proved that blueberry supplementation improves memory in older adults helping in softening the contition of dementia,the severe depression and preventing the decline at the beginning of the symptoms.
It was also been discovered that blueberry revert the condition of toxicity caused by amyloid-beta (the peptide that causes Alzheimer desease) in ippocampal neurons in rats.
This means that blueberry is effective in protecting neuronal cells (trought pERK and pCREB pathways)and should be considered as a low cost solution aganist learning and memory deficits in Alzheimer Desease.

This suggestions can help coping with normal age-related memory difficulties :
1 Keep a routine.
2 Organize information (keep details in a calendar or day planner).
3 Put items in the same spot (always put your keys in the same place by the door).
4 Repeat information (example, repeat names when you meet people).
5 Run through the alphabet in your head to help you remember a word.
6 Make associations (relate new information to things you already know).
7 Teach or retell stories to other people.
Check this for further details.


Blueberries have a large variety of usefull properties for health care and desease prevention not only antioxidant anti aging and cancer prevention but also eyes preservation heart attack prevention by means of lowering cholesterol level in blood so it would be worth addiing a cup (150ml) of blueberry juice once a day in your diet.
Its of capital importance not forget to pay attention to diet,way of leaving and preemptive screening and to not forget that blueberries nor any other food is panacea but only an usefull addition.
In spite of common knowledge and filmography it seems that there arent scientific evidences that blueberry juice help women with the pain of mestrual perioid.

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