Centenarian Diet

Author: Gianpiero Pescarmona
Date: 26/05/2015


Extending healthy ageing: nutrient sensitive pathway and centenarian population. 2012

  • Although the possible role played by the dietary regimen in Nicoya region in relation to extreme longevity has not yet been investigated, the diet includes garden vegetables, an abundance of fruit (orange, mango, papaya), squash, beans, rice and corn.

Nutrigerontology: why we need a new scientific discipline to develop diets and guidelines to reduce the risk of aging-related diseases. 2015

  • In Okinawa, where substantially more centenarians live with often good health, there exists a tradition of adhering to a vegetable-rich low-glycemic index diet and practicing a form of minor caloric restriction (Okinawans tend to consume small portions) (Willcox et al. ).

The Nicoya region of Costa Rica: a high longevity island for elderly males, 2014

  • The Nicoya diet is prosaic and abundant in traditional foods like rice, beans and animal protein, with low glycemic index and high fibre content.

Anemia status and its relevant factors among elderly people aged above 80 years old in longevity areas in China. 2010

  • Higher frequency of beans and their products intake and maintaining well nutritional condition benefit for the prevention of anemia.

Centenarian Gallery

Zorzi Alvise 1922

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