Medical Illustrations
Figures and creative commons public licenses

Author: monica mangioni
Date: 25/07/2008


Some interesting links to medical illustration sites

  • Med Art studio
  • Medical Illustration
  • The Visible Human Project by the National Library of Medicine : The Visible Human Project, developed by the National Library of Medicine, is a library of digital images for clinical medicine and biomedical research. It includes digitized photographic images derived from transverse computerized tomography (CT), magnetic resonance images (MRI) and anatomical cryo-section images of male and female cadavers. The images are used in teaching as a substitute for medical school cadavers to rehearse surgical procedures, and in research for the segmentation, classification and deformable registration of medical images. The data sets are designed to serve as a common reference point for testing medical imaging algorithms. They are being used for education, diagnosis and treatment planning by 1,400 licensees in 41 countries. Efforts are underway to develop standards for description and representation of image-based structural-anatomical data in order to link it to text-based functional-physiological data as a unified resource.
  • Vesalius Clinical Folios : The Clinical Folios are a collection of graphical educational narratives on surgical anatomy and procedures designed for online reference and study. Unless otherwise noted, all Vesalius narratives and discussions are written by medical professionals. Content in the Vesalius Clinical Folios is arranged by topic and presented under five headings: Narratives, Discussions, Thumbnails, Transparencies, and Quizzes.
  • Karilinska Institutet : this page contains links to other pages and sites on the Internet offering biomedically related multimedia material, mostly images (photos, illustrations, etc.). Occasionally, the material may be downloaded and used free of charge. Normally, however, the material is strictly copyrighted, and may be used only after first having obtained explicit permission by the rightful owner. Is an important search engine for illustrations and much more.
  • Photovault : this page contains links to existing photo pages on health. These photographs are available for licensing in any media. For Pricing, General Guidelines, and Delivery information contact the site thru email or by phone, also for more information on the use of these images. You may also use a search engine PHOTOVALET™ to find other images not found on this page.
  • Fotosearch : there are over 700,000 images available, including photos, clipart pictures, royalty-free illustrations, royalty-free motion stock video clips, and more. In searches of the words "medical," "medicine," and "health," Foto Search came up with nearly 1500 images for each term, and 250 medical image CD collections. With so many medical images available for immediate download, Foto Search is a very important resource for the medical community.
  • Nucleus : Nucleus creates custom medical illustration for a wide range of media and audience levels. From medical publishing to product advertising, medical illustration is the core Nucleus strength. Nucleus creates dramatic, informative two- and three-dimensional medical animations for broadcast, video and electronic media. Three-dimensional (3D) medical animations create the illusion of depth using photorealistic object and environment rendering. 3D medical animations are ideal for demonstrating detailed spatial relationships or realistic subject matter.
  • Smart Draw
  • Shutterstock
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